DeepReel AI Ethics Policy 


DeepReel’s generative AI technology has the power to transform how people consume media and interact with each other on the internet. This power comes with a responsibility to develop generative AI technology that is built with ethics at its core. We are committed to the development of responsible and ethical AI technologies and have developed our AI Ethics policy in consultation with UK’s leading AI Ethics researchers. 

  1. Transparency: We will never allow anyone to create a DeepReel Avatar of another person without their content. If you represent a celebrity, we will require a signed legal agreement from them agreeing to reproduction of their likeness, and to production of video content using their likeness.
  2. Full Control of Your likeness: We will always prioritize the individual person’s right over their own likeness. In the event of any dispute between an individual and a third party related to the use of an individual’s DeepReel Avatar, we will prioritize the individual irrespective of any legal contract between the individual and the third party.
  3. Non-discrimination and fairness: Our AI models are developed with an understanding that the underlying data used to train AI models may be biased. We therefore strive to develop AI models that can deal with such data bias problems and work to ensure our technology works for people from all backgrounds.
  4. Human agency and oversight: No software available to parties outside DeepReel. We use both AI and human content moderation techniques to ensure strict compliance with our user conduct policy.


DeepReel is also a member of Content Authenticity Initiative, a community of media and tech companies, NGOs and academics, formed by Adobe in 2019, to address misinformation through digital content provenance.